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Christian Influence in Islamic Spain: The Court of Lions & Hall of Kings The Moorish people are the Muslim people who invaded the Iberian Peninsula (as well as parts of Italy) in 711 A.D. This invasion brought along the cultures and customs of the Muslim people to the ever changing, but generally, Christian kingdoms of Europe. The Moors had begun to adopt a new dialect of Islamic architecture and art. While many of the same concepts and religious motifs remained in their art, the Christian influence played a big role in defining this new style. This exuberant mixture of Moorish and Christian influences came to be known as the Nasrid Style. Nasrid Style can be seen in many of the mosques, palaces, and temples of Southern Spain, as well as in all the art that was produced. One of the most famous and quintessential example of this style can be seen in the Alhambra of Grenada, Spain. The Court of the Lions and Hall of Kings located inside the Alhambra provide multiple examples of those qualities that define the…show more content…
In the square rooms there are domes of mocarabes and double arches that lead to the rectangular sections. These sections and the bedchambers also have domes of mocarabes”. The room actually has no purpose, structurally speaking, therefore it is considered a multipurpose room. The Christian influence comes in with one of the paintings done on the wooden domes. These painting depict scenes of chivalry and romance as well as tell stories of legends or adventures of the Muslim kings and although the scenes are of Islamic origin, one can tell that they are Christian paintings because they are clumsier and less precise representations of Muslim scenes as opposed to the Spanish scenes (Hall of the 4Kings). While the architecture of the hall is purely Islamic, the presence of Christian art reveals much about the location of the hall as well as its relationship with the surrounding regions and

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