'The Ballot Or The Bullet' By Malcom X

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“The ballot or the bullet”, by Malcom X is one of America top 100 greatest speeches of all time. The speech took place on April 3, 1964 at a meeting sponsored by the Cleveland, Ohio, the chapter of the congress of Racial Equality. In this speech he attempt to show the audience that African American aren’t really Americans, just that they are black people living in American. He uses many way of persuasion. So that the audience, will capture where he is coming from. He uses key points to amplify his argument so that it looks up to par. He continually pressed the fact that nobody respects the Negros. He stated a lot of points which made his argument look good. He brung up the fact that our ancestors worked on the field for years, which made the audience feel sympathetic for the African American Race. He is trying to bring the emotion out of the audience, so that they can see how the African American citizens felt. Throughout this speech…show more content…
He then starts to talk about “The white man.” White political crooks will be right back in your and my community with their false promises.” (Line 39) In this quote he feels as if the white man just comes to tell them what they want to hear. Just to get them on their side and once everything is all done his promises are never shown. He is showing that he is angry and trying to get the audience to feel it. The anger he has built up has made the issue more passionate to him. He later on changes the tone with a little joke. “I’m not going to sit at your table and watch you eat and with nothing on my plate and call myself a diner.”(Line 55-56) The joke tells the audience what has been done to the African American in the past years. It shows that they were there with nothing on their plate to eat but there just to watch the master and his families eat and later on clean everything up. Throughout the speech he shows how angry but also serious about the black

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