The Aztec Weapon Analysis

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To help protect themselves against their opponent’s weapons they would use shield and armor. Greeks would use a hoplons which was a heavy bronze-covered wooden shield about 3-3.5 feet in diameter. It had a round shape which was easier to allow rest on their shoulders. The new grip and forearm straps allowed the shields to also be used offensively by bashing their enemies. Being that the shield was made with bronze it caused quite the damage by its self. The way the shield was created made it best for the Phalanx formation that they used. The Greeks had suitable armor but sometimes it came with a severe price both with payment and physical endurance. “The Greek warriors were required to arm and armor themselves” (Greek Warriors, 2015). The…show more content…
The Aztec armor may not seem as sophisticated as Greek armor it does have its benefits. Greek used different types of metal for crafting their armor, while Aztecs’ used wood and animal skin for theirs which made them less durable compared to the Greeks’. The only real advantage the Aztecs’ would have is the fact that they were more light weight than Greeks’. The Greeks’ armor was capable of protecting their warriors from serious attacks. As well as the Greeks’ and Aztecs’ armor being used for battle, they were used for identity and specific…show more content…
The Aztecs either had specific dressing and color associated with that rank with some of their societies while others had specific hair design or headgear, Greeks were determined by the type of armor they wore or insignia on their helmet. Greeks had not only leaders but also farmers within their ranks while Aztecs had nobles and their sons as well as other warriors gathered in their military ranks. Aztecs were divided by four different societies and the way they were dressed determined which society they were in. Greeks identification were by how expensive their armor is determined if they were rich or not. The Greeks had specific formation that was used during their battles which gave them an advantage combined with their armor and weaponry. For Greeks to become higher in status within their society they must either have money or become great warriors to become Spartans, while in Aztecs society warriors have to capture specific amount of enemies during combat to join specific societies. The ruler of the Aztec was determined by how good of a warrior they were. While Greek it was the people that chose their leader but then it became about the power and wanting to keep it in the family. Though on this aspect of who was the better ruler, they both were. It just came down to how good, strong, and determined they were as a

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