Persuasive Essay On Grit In College

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College is what you make of it. Whether you apply yourself and succeed or allow yourself to get off track and fail is entirely up to you. Having the motivation to succeed can be called having grit. Grit is the determination to persevere and motivate oneself in order to complete a task. Students with grit will normally hold their work to a much higher standard, and those without will do enough to simply to scrape by. Normally, students without grit will not be as successful as the ones that do possess it. The attitude and success of a college student with grit will be very different than one without. Successful students normally apply themselves more than unsuccessful students would. Unsuccessful students are the ones that are not necessarily the less fortunate, or the weak minded, they are the weak willed. These kids of students do not have the discipline or drive to keep themselves going. They will allow themselves to fall behind simply because moving forward is too hard for them, even though in reality if they just applied themselves they’d have a lot better chance of success. In contrast successful students are the strong willed ones that have the determination to do their work, and to do…show more content…
People with grit will hold their work to a higher standard than those who do not possess grit. Their work will be a lot cleaner. It will be very easy to tell when a person has grit or not by seeing their work. People without grit will normally be the people that simply scrape by day to day, happy with what they have. Not that there’s anything wrong with this of course, it’s perfectly fine to stay where you are if you’re content with your place, but people that do possess grit will not be happy with where they’re at. These are the ones that will try hard to progress to the next level. These students will go above and beyond to excel in whatever work they’re

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