The Awakening Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Story of an Hour and The Awakening are both stories written by Kate Chopin. Besides sharing the same author, both of these stories also share the same type of ending, and a similar tone layout. These stories also treat the husbands the same way in regards to their presence in the story. The husbands, in both The Awakening and The Story of an Hour, are highly important to the plot despite not being present for the majority of them. In The Awakening, Mr. Pontellier is only truly present a handful of times, as he spends most of the novel at clubs and on business trips. The two major times the readers hear from him is in the beginning of the novel, when Edna and him are on the island, and towards the middle the novel, when he is upset with Edna and talks with Doctor Mandelet. Mr. Pontellier is talked about by other characters more than he himself exists in the novel. “'What would he think?' She did not mean her husband; she was thinking of Robert Lebrun” (64). Mr. Pontellier and his perspective starts to fade in importance to Edna throughout the novel, as he is gradually replaced by Robert.…show more content…
Mallard is even less present, and it seems his only use is as a plot device. The only time he is physically in the setting is at the very end. The only other times he is mentioned is in the middle of the story when Mrs. Mallard is thinking about how he treated her and how sad she's going to be to see him when he's dead, and in the beginning when the audience learns he is reportedly dead. In both of these instances, the story would not have a plot if it were not for the husbands. However despite their importance to the actual stories, they are not often in the same setting as their wives, and when they are it only causes grief for their

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