The American Dream In Jeremy Rifkin's 'The European Dream'

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Almost ten years ago acclaimed American author Jeremy Rifkin published a book titled ‘The European Dream’ and with that he coined the term itself. It is not a widely used term unlike the American dream, from which it seems to have drawn inspiration. Through Rifkin’s book (2014) the term can be defined as an antithesis to the American dream. The American dream holds individualistic ideals and is based around the notion of every individual receiving in an equal opportunity in America to realize their materialistic ambitions and provide them with a comfortable life. Whereas, the European dreams is set around the ethics that are more expansive and take into account humanity as well. The European dream focuses on the quality of life, sustainability, peace and harmony. Rifkin explains that Europeans hold these values in high regard and thus, go by the notion of ‘you work to live’ and not the other way round. This vision also a very different…show more content…
Only when you understand fully where you stand weak, will you be able to makes reforms and move forward. Similar inspections need to be done in order to understand the relevance that the European Dream holds and along with that, to understand the capacity of the European Union in achieving this designed vision. The task of realizing this shared vision that now falls on the European Union must be dealt with prudence and with the clear perspective of not only Europe’s internal status but also its external position. With this, the challenges will be clear. While explaining the concept of the European dream, Rifkin (2004) also hinted towards the obstacles that the European Union needs to overcome before universalizing the European dream. These difficulties that Rifkin talks about can be divided and explained under broader categories of multidimensional

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