Richard Preston's Definition Of Ebola In The Hot Zone

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Merriam Webster states that the definition of Ebola is “any of several filoviruses of African origin that cause fatal hemorrhagic fever” (Webster). Author Richard Preston supports Webster’s definition of Ebola in the book The Hot Zone. The process of Ebola starts with a back ache usually about ten to twelve days after exposure to the disease. From there the virus causes the eyes to turn red and the face to obtain a very solemn look. The only other outward symptom is red splotchy sores that appear on the skin of the victim. Everything else happens below the surface in the patient’s body. Usually the person starts vomiting, but it is not a regular vomit. It is bloody with black spots throughout it. Next, the nose will begin to bleed and will…show more content…
Lastly, right before the person dies their intestines decay in the body. So on top of losing blood through the vomiting and nose bleed the victim’s intestines are also expelled through the rectum. This is what is referred to as crashing and bleeding out. Preston describes many cases of this happening from the first case on Mt Elgon to it happening right outside Washington D. C. We also learn of many experiments and explorations to find the viruses and where it came from. The very first time Ebola is seen is in 1976 when a storekeeper named YuG starts bleeding from every orifice of his body. The virus spreads throughout Africa until it reaches Yambuku hospital. The hospital is infected when a man comes in with the disease to be treated. It is believed it was contracted by being treated with unclean needles. At the hospital a nurse by the name Mayinga catches the disease but then wanders around Kinshasa and exposes many others. About 50 villages are hit with the Ebola Sudan and nearly wiped out. After this the virus fades and is dormant for about 14 years. In 1980 Charles Monet visits Kitum Cave on Mt Elgon. It is believed that Monet obtained the virus from Kitum Cave. Monet was taken to a private hospital in Kisumu

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