The AIC Triad

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The AIC Triad is a practice in place to keep companies, businesses, and information safe from harm. The AIC acronym stands for Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality. Availability is having enough resources so that if one system fails, it has a backup ready to take its position. Integrity is keeping data and information safe from harm’s way. This means that no data should be changed or altered within a business or company. Confidentiality can be related to privacy as it is the lengths one might go to protect and secure data. All three are essential, but one is more important than the rest. Although Availability and Integrity are important, Confidentiality is more so important because of it stands for keeping sensitive information safe and that should be top priority. As brought out in the introduction, Confidentiality is essentially privacy as it deals with the measure to which someone goes to in order to keep information safe and…show more content…
Mase Consulting in Information Security and the CIA Triad says: “If information is sensitive then we must maintain its confidentiality; who is allowed to see the information, who is allowed to modify and/or delete it? This isn't only about unauthorized individuals; the information must also be protected from authorized users based on their "need-to-know". An authorized user's use of the information must be to meet a business objective; an item may be marked as "internal use only" but if it isn't part of your job you shouldn't be looking at it.” If sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, which are people who are unauthorized, then that information can be used in a way that it isn’t supposed to be used. Chad Perrin in his article Privacy is security says: “Without privacy, you'll never be secure.” Privacy is Confidentiality and indeed without it, a company or business can be open to information loss or information getting into the wrong

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