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Your emergency dentist in Frisco, TX is there to provide you with the help you need in any kind of dental emergency, but sometimes an emergency can happen when the dentist's office is closed. In this case you may want to know some ways to deal with dental emergencies on your own, just to hold you over until you can get to the dentist. You definitely don't want to skip going to the dentist for an abscess, broken tooth, or any kind of mouth pain. However, it's not always convenient to get in the moment pain or problems start. In that case, here are a few things that you can do to get by until you can get to your emergency dentist in Frisco, TX. Take Pain Killers If you are suffering from dental pain and can't get into the dentist right away…show more content…
This topical treatment numbs your gums to help reduce pain. Make sure you read instructions and contraindications before use. Buy Some Temporary Fillings If you have a broken tooth and you can't immediately get to the dentist you can purchase a temporary filling kit that is fairly easy to use. These are very temporary, so you'll want to get to the dentist then next day possible. You might be able to get away with just drinking liquids until you get in, but if your break is rubbing on your tongue or gums you'll definitely want to temporarily fill it. No matter what your issue is, make sure to clean your mouth well, which can including rinsing with some warm salt water. If it's too painful to brush this may be your best bet for cleaning out and disinfecting your mouth until you can visit the dentist. Once you’ve done what you can to get through until the dentist is open, call us at Accent Dental, (972) 335-7666. You'll get the best care from emergency dentist in Frisco, TX. Remember, your smile is important, so take care of your teeth and let the professionals deal with your dental

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