Dorito Argumentative Analysis

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With new era, companies have competition. For example coca- cola and Pepsi, who will provide soda products to restaurants, fast food chains, and retail stores the most. The competition will be endless. Dorito wants to capture new ideas, unique advertisements, and the question is “why not?” Dorito has nothing to lose, since the company has cameras, set, sound system, and most importantly- funds, to make it happen. On the video, the spokesperson not only provides information about what the process is, also mentions additional prizes, such as: $1. Million dollars and winner will work on the set of The Avengers- Age of Ultram. Since children and adults are fascinating with Marvel, it creates the desire to push forward with the idea of creating…show more content…
The audience will immediately focus on the prize and will do anything to get Doritos attention in order to win. Not only will the audience will go take extra measures, but it will also create desperation and create emotions that can have a negative turn. The Super Bowl is most watched, all America gathers together in one night to watch their team play. Companies take this night has an advantage to get viewers and audience know their product and create interest. Companies pay large amounts of money to be able to add their commercial on the Super Bowl…show more content…
For six years Doritos has held Crash the Super Bowl, which consumers are the ones that put their ideas out on air for millions of viewers to see. Doritos will draw 5 finalist out of thousands the chance to win $1. Million and be on set of latest viewed show or movie. Chris Kuechenmeister, senior director of public relations for Frito-Lay North America mentioned that the consumers are the ones that have the highest level of creativity and they’ve had a major success with the program. Not only did Doritos launch this program for their success, Facebook joined to vote for best ad. Facebook is a well-known social website, where everyone across the world communicate, without the need to spend extra amount of money, it has easy access from a smart, laptop, computers, and tablets. With the assistance of Facebook two finalist won best commercial ad and got prizes, also assigned Hollywood agents. “They’ve used this as an opportunity to create something new, and now they can showcase this in their reel," says Kuechenmeister. "It helps open up new opportunities to showcase their work because they participated in this

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