Teenagers Vs Toddlers Research

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Adults justify toddler’s actions by blaming it on their young age. They also tend to blame teenagers bad decisions on their age as well. Any person would agree by saying toddlers and teenagers differ in paradoxical ways. There are the obvious differences such as, age, appearance, and knowledge. Most of the physical aspects these two share are completely contrasting. Under further thinking, the two share something more than differences- they show similarities. Toddlers and teenagers share more personality traits than one might realize. Ages early as one to three are forming opinions and personal preferences. These thoughts will build and change the further they mature. Despite maturity levels, both teenagers and toddlers base their opinions on what the people around them think.* Toddlers will see their friends picking up the flamingo pink crayon and then without realization the toddler begins to gravitate towards that color. *The same thing occurs when teenagers have…show more content…
Toddlers and teenagers are both in two different developmental stages. The toddler is unaware of the consequences in their actions when the teenager deliberately acts. This means that their actions will differ, but just as the opinions, they have the same logic behind their behaviors. When thinking about it, it is realizable that toddlers and teenagers both throw temper tantrums. Toddlers will poke their quivering lip out and cry until exhaustion or play the silence game. Teenagers will typically lash out against the source of their rage or also give the silent treatment. Most of the actions that come from them can also have a selfish purpose. Toddlers do not realize that they are being selfish, they intend on getting what they want. Teenagers generally take the same approach. The distinction of the two shows because it is extremely rare for toddlers to grasp the selfless act while teenagers are expected to

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