Blood Spatter Lab Report

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If the distance blood splatter travels is affected by the density of an object that hits it, then a metal hammer will cause the furthest blood splatter because of how heavy the hammer is causing a greater impact to the softer surface leading to further blood splatter drops. This hypothesis was not supported by the experiment. The results showed that the meat tenderizer causing the most splatter, compared to the bat-which caused the second most splatter, but was relatively close to the amount of splatter the hammer produced. To start this off, as mentioned in the progress report, when thinking of this project/experiment a screwdriver was going to be used instead of the meat tenderizer. The hammer and the bat are blunt objects, and the screwdriver…show more content…
Blood spatter is that a tool that can help determine multiple things at the scene of the crime. For example: who the victim was, what the victim was killed with, how many times the victim was hit/shot/etc., as well as the positions of both the victim and the killer. This can all be done from reading the pattern of the blood spatter, making it useful to police officers and detectives because a blood spatter analyst can read the pattern and determine these things. This experiment was meant to help further along the distinction of blood spatter among different weapons, and to see how different weapons affect the pattern and shape of the spatter. From this experiment it was discovered that the spiky side of the meat tenderizer cause the furthest splatter, along with the splatter with the longest/ovalest body. The bat caused the second furthest splatter, with the spatter being a circular shape. The hammer which caused the least amount of spatter, had a long and skinny blood spatter pattern. As mentioned earlier the only mistake that really happened during the experiment (and it was before the experiment even started) was the switching of the screwdriver for the meat tenderizer. This problem was fixed early on though to give the experiment a better outcome because now all weapons would be blunt instead of only two

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