Cancerous Preposterous Tumors

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Recent studies have begun to raise questions about cures for cancerous tumors. It may sound preposterous, but scientists are beginning to think that cancerous tumors can be starved to death. This theory has not yet been proved and it still being investigated, so it is not yet clear that we will be able to “starve” the tumors. Scientists like Dr. Judah Folkman have begun the study and have found many items that support the theory and many things that do not support the theory. Although there is some information on this new science, it is still developing, so there are no final results. Dr. Judah Folkman began his experimentation when he followed an observation made by an oncologist. The oncologist said that when a primary tumor is removed, any secondary tumors are growing more rapidly than before. Folkman concluded that the primary tumor may be producing a substance that obstructs growth from any secondary tumors. He also decided that if there was a substance that was keeping the secondary tumors from growing any larger that the substance could be used in fighting every cancerous tumor. Folkman then used his hypothesis and set out to see if he could isolate a chemical from the primary tumors that obstructs growth of the secondary tumors and…show more content…
In order to reach the blood supply the tumor releases a substance to the tissue which encourages angiogenesis, or the creation of small blood vessels. If the cancer has more blood vessels, then it can get a greater blood supply, so it can grow larger. Folkman’s substances, angiostatin and endostatin, are substances that can kill the tumor by cutting off the blood supply, therefore not being able to send needed nutrients to any secondary tumors. In some experiments the angiostatin has reduced the size of the tumors, while in others it has not, so scientists wanted to gain a better knowledge of how tumors create

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