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Tanning is a popular lifestyle choice that women and even men enjoy. By tanning, they believe that they look better and this gives them a higher self-esteem. While that is a positive, it is the only positive of tanning. Tanning beds need to have an age requirement and a way of limiting a person’s use of a tanning bed to no more than one time a week. Tanning in a tanning bed is very dangerous because the ultra-violet lights are more powerful than the sun's rays, a person's skin begins to prematurely age, it can damage a person's eyes, and it can cause melanoma or benign cancer. The chances of those happening are decreased if people are better educated about the dangers and there are better rules put in place. A person's skin is her largest organ, so she needs to do the best she can to protect it (Skin). In tanning beds, one does not get the usual UV-A and UV-B rays. A person tanning in a tanning bed receives ultraviolet radiation that is put off by tanning lamps. Although both types of tanning are harsh to a person's skin, the natural sunlight is better than tanning bed lamps. In tanning beds, a person cannot protect herself from the harsh light, but outside she can. In tanning beds people wear oils and use other techniques to make themselves…show more content…
One campaign is “Your skin is in”. This campaign is based out of New England. By showing negative effects of tanning, they are trying to decrease the appeal of tanning beds to teens. Thanks to many campaigns, much like this one, forty-one states have already restricted the use of tanning beds to teens under 18, unless they have parental consent . Out of those forty-one states, eleven have completely prohibited the use of tanning beds to anyone under the age of 18 (Ban). If campaigns such as theses grow and continue to raise awareness about the threats of tanning, more states will join in and put more limits on tanning

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