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The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare, begins with a local English lord deciding to play a prank on a drunk man named Christopher Sly, by taking Sly into his own home and dressing Sly as if he were the lord himself, with servants, a "wife", who is actually a pageboy dressed in women's clothing, and everything else a lord would have. At first, Sly does not believe anything he is told. However, with much convincing, he believes he is the lord and is told he is going to be shown a play called, The Taming of the Shrew. This play begins in Padua, Italy, when Lucentio, accompanied by his servants Tranio and Biondello, arrives at a local university to continue his studies. While on his way, he sees a beautiful woman named Bianca and…show more content…
This began the "taming" process, as well as Petruchio not allowing Katherine to eat or sleep for numerous days, which he pretends to do out of love such as saying, she cannot sleep on a bed that isn't perfect or she cannot eat food that is inferior to her beauty and status. Back in Padua, Lucentio wins Bianca's heart, even though Hortensio still tried, but ended up settling to marry a wealthy widow. Tranio secures the marriage of Lucentio and Bianca by offering a large amount of money. Baptista agrees to it, but insists Lucentio's father must agree to it as well. Seeing no other option, Tranio and Lucentio find an old man who will act as Lucentio's father. As the old man acting as Lucentio's father talks to Baptista, Lucentio and Bianca decide to elope and get rid of the complicated situation. Petruchio and Katherine journey back to Padua to visit Baptista, but on the way Petruchio makes Katherine agree with everything he says, no matter how wrong it is, which shows her willingness to do anything for him. Also, they run into Vincentio, Lucentio's true father, who is on his way to Padua as well, but to see Lucentio. When they arrive, Vincentio is shocked to see Tranio acting as Lucentio, and well as the old man acting as him. Finally, Bianca and Lucentio tell everyone that they are married and Vincentio

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