Syrna And Caitlyn: A Case Study

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REPORTER: the reporter/father (James) called to report physical and emotional abuse for the victim, Caitlyn. The reporter said, in May, the Marcus (Syrna’s nephew) was in the bed with Syrna (mother) and Caitlyn. The father asked Caitlyn “what happened” and she told him, and Syrna went and spanked the victim. It is unknown if there were any visible marks or bruises. The reporter said he’s now reporting the incident because he believes the child. The reporter said Syrna is physically and emotionally abusing the victim. The reporter said “there were bruises and scratches on the child in the past”, and Syrna said “it happened at school”. Now, James does not believe the child got the bruises and scratches from school. However, James didn’t disclose

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