Daniel Zysblat Case Study

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Daniel Zysblat, a qualified solicitor with 18 years’ experience in the buying and selling of commercial and domestic property, has a keen interest in sport. Daniel is a regular visitor to the gym, where he enjoys spinning classes, and also works with a personal trainer every week. He likes playing tennis, and has always followed the tennis career of Andy Murray. A pro-active businessman, Daniel is taking full advantage of his property sector expertise and is launching his own online property auction business. More and more properties are being sold at auction, and an online service is a natural progression for the digital age. Daniel is also a very trustworthy professional; he has served as a magistrate for 10 years as he strongly believes in doing his bit to help his community. [brief] Daniel has also set up a professionalsontheweb page, so that prospective clients can find out more about his legal and professional background, as well as…show more content…
Children can play, as well as older people, who often play into advanced age. It allows players to develop hand-eye co-ordination, is a sport for life and is a way of making and keeping friends. There are thousands of courts throughout the UK, and many are free to use all year round. [5] Andy Murray – The Early Years Any Murray was born in Dunblane in 1987, and was only three years old when he first picked up a tennis racket, starting with playing inside with soft sponge balls against the walls and then graduating to swingball outside. He was just five years old when he entered his first competitive tournament, where he was described by Leon Smith as ‘unbelievably competitive’. Leon went on to coach Andy for six years, until he was 17. [1, 2] By the age of eight, Andy was playing league tennis, and when playing in a doubles tournament at Dunblane Sports Club, he criticised his 50-something partner for being too near the net. [1,

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