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Artificial insemination is a technique that can help in solving many infertility problems in both men and women. The operation is limited by inserting a sperm into the women’s uterus, this technique have the ability to over pass many obstacles. Artificial insemination of cattle is spreading in many countries it’s becoming very common in livestock and poultry breeding, and it’s being practiced widely. Artificial insemination is being used to overcome breeding problems in live stocks. It is one of the most important biotechnological skills that help in improving reproduction qualifications. Its effect has become the symbol of other reproductive technologies such as cloning. Spallanzani and Bonnet were the first scientists, who used artificial insemination; they apply it to a dog that reproduced 3 puppies after 62 days. The technique was first successful in birds and chickens then it was started to be used in poultry production in many countries. It is known now that artificial insemination leads to better fertility and it has better results than natural mating that sometimes results in abortion. The probability of continuation of pregnancy resulted from…show more content…
Artificial insemination is grander than natural mating and this is why it is considered as a major strategy for genetic development in poultry. In order to strongly develop the effects of artificial insemination, various factors should be highlighted. The most important factor that should be taken into consideration is to raise healthy semen that is free from pathogens. And for reaching successful results many strategies must be trapped, having an effected semen causes the process to fail, a quick determination for microbes inside semen is a major key in eliminating infected males and developing this program, and reducing diseases that can be transmitted by

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