Paradise Lost Character Analysis

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Character: The main character is an elderly man by the name of Milton. Milton owns a quiet, secluded country home and equipped garden, near the shore. He lives a simple yet solemn life, spending a lot of time tending to his plants and being with nature. Travellers have stopped coming to visit and Milton is often alone. The supporting character is Pearl, a woman in her mid 20’s, who arrives at the house and to tend to the garden. She seems to be a new helping hand, as she doesn’t seem to know Milton well or his equipment. Milton’s goal seems to be very broad, to try to find meaning in his life whilst making sure his belongings/garden are taken care of. For Pearl, her goal seems to be to follow Milton’s instruction, to connect with nature…show more content…
With Muller in a place of complete control and authority, who has all the power to make decisions (especially ones regarding taking someone else’s life), and the young man in a place of weakness and defenselessness, it is so interesting to watch them interact. Muller is ordered to act a certain way and complete a certain task, even if it is wrong, so he must make a moral choice that is engaging for the audience. His change of character is very fulfilling to see. However, the lack of vivid description and pacing makes the action less engaging than it could be. Also, Muller’s emotion is not always clear. With no clues as to how he feels—visual descriptions, physical movements—his choice is less impactful. There are also a few plot holes that take the reader out of the story (why does the captain choose Muller, what is the portrait of, etc.), and with some work these moments could be much more powerful. The stakes are high in idea—one character choosing whether or not the other is to live—though it does not read that way on paper. The inciting noise caused by the young man is not described and therefore almost lost, and the climax of the standoff doesn’t create as much suspense as it could. The resolution is touching, and with a little revision, would be a great…show more content…
Unclear as to the conditions of the house, so it is unclear whether or not the Captain’s orders are dangerous (Muller is well-trained) or if these orders are routine (Muller is just chosen randomly). Adding vivid description will make this story idea much more interesting and dramatized, so the emotions of the characters will be revealed through actions. Placing the characters in such close quarters is a great idea; describing the area will really sell

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