Switching Places By Jonathon Analysis

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Switching places This the story when there was a boy named Jonathon and he had to switch place with his dad for the day. Jonathon’s dad has to go to first period and not get an F on his math things. He has to sit there and learn math for 45 min. Boe has to learn how to multiply and divide negative numbers. Boe has to know how to do the math that Jonathon has to do and he might have homework. Next Boe has to go to science and do some hard things in there like working with people, doing science experiments. He has to learn about pull, push, and gravity and get an A on a test. Boe has to deal with a teacher that is loud. Now Boe has to go to third period and get on a website called xtramath and do equations in three sec. After he did that

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