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Surgical Technologist The Surgical Technologist play’s a very important role as a member of an operating room team. In the Medical Field, Surgical Technologist go by several nicknames such as Scrub, operating room technicians, Surgeon’s Assistant, S.T, and so forth. A surgical Technologist helps assist in surgical operations under the supervision of a surgeon. A S.T also works with Registered Nurses, Anestheliogist, and of course the Surgeon. They help with preparation in the operating room by setting up surgical instruments and equipment. According to ("Surgical Technologist," 2007) this process includes using drapes, sterile solutions, gowns, gloves, and suction tubing. Surgical Technologist also helps prepare their patient’s for surgery by disinfecting incision sites. Before the surgery is started, the Surgical Technologist has to go through a process called scrubbing in. Being that the Surgical Field is a sterile area, one must make sure that the patient is free from any microorganisms. In addition to a S.T’s uniform that includes wearing scrubs, a cap, and a facemask, the S.T must also wash their hands and wear a gown and gloves in order to maintain sterility. The…show more content…
A Surgical Assistant has more privileges due to the fact that they can assist the Surgeon by holding the incision open for better access, suction or swab blood during the procedure and assist with suturing the incision at the end of the operation. The S.A is considered a second pair of hands to the Surgeon. Surgical Assistant’s are also called first assistants. Surgical Assistants are expected to prepare and position the patient for surgery, perform closure of incisions, and apply wound dressings. The Surgical Assistant is not allowed to leave the operating room or come into contact with anything that is not sterile during the

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