Why I Want To Be An Eagle Application Essay

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Since i was five years old I have known what I want to do when I was older. It was easy for me to figure it out. I grew up on air force bases, so every day i saw my dream job up close. I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but becoming a fighter pilot is not an easy task. Their are many skills a requirements that must first be met before you are even considered for the job. To help put my self ahead I joined JROTC to help give me the experience I would need as a military officer, I earned my Eagle Scout Award to gain skills in leadership and many other areas, and I focused on my grades so I could be qualified to attend a good university. I joined JROTC my sophomore year of high school after I heard about how they have pilot placement programs. Since being in JROTC I have learned many skills and attributes need to not only to be a fighter pilot, but also to be a military officer. I have gained valuable information that helps me know many different routs I can take to becoming a fighter pilot. I have also gained many good memories from the activities and jobs I have held in my JROTC corps.…show more content…
But as I got older, joined boy scouts and the fun turned into work, I had to really push my self. Completing my eagle project and finishing all of my merit badges required for the Eagle Award took a lot of time and dedication. Earning my Eagle Scout Award taught my a lot about time management and dedication to earning a goal. It showed my how to lead a project, and taught me how to work with others effectively. Never in my life have I been challenged so hard to accomplish something, but by doing so has given me the motivation in future ventures to keep moving forward, because I now know that at the end of it all, its worth

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