The Roman Á Clef Chapter Analysis

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The roman á clef is a fictional novel that combines actual events and people in a manner that the audience can identify with. The word Clef suggests that there is a key which once the reader notices, uses to decrypt all the messages in the novella. They key is important to understand the relation between the story in the novel and the real events that took place. The author writes the novel to target a particular audience. They will be able to decode the characters and the events, to understand the author’s intention, and opinion of the characters and evens in real life. However, the story can also relate to other unaware readers who might enjoy it purely as a work of fiction. The author uses his fictional characters to represent the real world…show more content…
Using roman á clef, the author can freely discuss information that is not available on the public domain; especially abut powerful political figures and celebrities. For example, in the 1946 novel; All The Kings Men, Huey P. long is believed to have inspired Robert warren in developing his SEE PAPER INSTRUCTION3 main character Willie stark. Through Willie Stark, Robert explores Huey Long’s character and informs the reader that Huey long was in an illicit relation with his assassin’s daughter (Warren 2007). This is information that would not be publicly available but can be elaborated using a roman á clef. An author can also use roman á clef to turn the events of a real life story into the way he feels the story should have been. The author can effectively twist the story and depict the characters in a manner he feels the story should have ended. This allows the reader to know what the consequences would have been, had the story turned out differently. The author can also use roman á clef to make his opinions of real life events and people known to his readers. Through effective description, the author represents the real life characters in the way he feels they acted or approached

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