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Corporate Culture The company has come far since its days of bankruptcy in 1996 with Isaac Perlmutter, the current Chief Executive Officer, leading the way. Isaac already had Marvel knowhow, as he had been a member of the Board and eventually the Chairman prior to the Disney merger on August 31, 2009. (Isaac Perlmutter, 2014) The integration of the Marvel family into the Disney may have gone smoothly on paper, however in reality some kinks are still being worked out. Disney executives were not used to Isaac’s management style and there has been some fall out. Disney’s consumer products division has been the hardest hit when Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney’s Consumer Products, and several others left Disney, reportedly due to Isaac’s management…show more content…
Mooney and Isaac clashed on long-term verses short-term agreements for toys, licensees and minimum guarantees. Isaac’s conflicts did not stop at the Consumer Product Line upsetting the apple cart with the Chief Financial Officer, demanding reports formatted in Marvel’s style, not Disney’s. (Superheros Soar Above Disney Tensions 2012) Mr. Perlmutter has a reputation for being a penny pincher and changed actors in Iron Man from Torrence Howard to Don Cheadle as Don was more economical to obtain. Other racially derogatory comments were alleged in addition to the money issue. (Superheros Soar Above Disney Tensions 2012) One has to wonder at the tone being set at the top for Marvel, as it seems that Disney’s corporate culture has yet to take over. Marvel Studios is more than just motion pictures, including Marvel Television, Animation, and Music to name a few. In the past, Marvel sold their licensing rights to other production companies such as Sony and Fox. They production company would front the cost of making and distributing the movie and pay Marvel a licensing fee. As these contracts expire Disney will be taking a more active roll in distributing and producing the movies. (Walt Disney Company 2013…show more content…
Part of the draw to Marvel for consumers is they way they interconnect their characters through Marvel Universe. This concept allows Marvel to exploit new concepts such as combining multiple characters, as in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. (Marvel is Defining 2013) This strategic ploy enables Marvel to draw a larger fan base by exposing them to lesser-known characters, which would help the success of future movies. (Marvel is Defining 2013) Marvel’s fan base has traditionally been geared towards boys, which is in part why Disney wanted to acquire them. Disney needed Marvel’s marketing power to that particular segment to balance out their traditional girl market. (Disney to buy Marvel 2009) This change in demographics has impacted Marvel’s exposure to social causes. Marvel has promoted social causes, such as male breast cancer awareness, by partnering with Susan G. Komen, and issuing 8 special pink comic book covers in October 2012. (Castillo 2012) This October Marvel is partnering with STOMP Out Bullying to raise awareness of bullying in all forms, including digital. Comic books going on sale this October will feature special covers to bring attention to bullying. (Marvel Ent. Stomp Out Bullying

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