Personal Narrative-A Proprioceptive Sensory Integration Disorder

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It wasn’t really a test rather it was more of a game. Color the picture inside the lines, tying my shoes, touching my nose with my eyes closed, things of that sort. I mean what would you expect of a kid constantly covered in bruises from running into door frames? I wasn’t exactly a star athlete in the making. Everything seemed fine after I came back from the room where I possibly spent an hour or so. We began our thirty minute drive from Atlanta to Newnan stopping only to get food from McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A. I went back to school bragging about the room filled with toys and a miniature obstacle course with a rainbow swing and jungle gym meant only for me for that time span. When my mother told me I would be going more often I was ecstatic. I get to miss school and play in the room filled with toys only for me, it was a child’s dream! Once a week I would miss class to go to the room and I shook with excitement in anticipation. Why would I have wondered why it was necessary for me to go to this building once a week? Why wonder about the specific games that made me play games like sorting the different shapes into the correct pile; it was…show more content…
Basically my nervous system receives messages from the sensors throughout my body and like everyone else, turns them into responses, however, the information gets mixed up and generates responses that are in certain cases deemed inappropriate. That explains how my “meltdowns” as they’ve been dubbed, are an unfitting reaction considering I was 7 years old not three. It explained why I would laugh extra loud during Bill Nye the Science Guy and had to be taken to neighboring classrooms by my teacher to apologize for disturbing their class. It explains why I would flare-up at a teacher who said we had a paper due on Tuesday when they would forget to ask for it. The paper is due, why aren’t you collecting it? Why did that make me different though? It’s not a learning

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