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What It Takes To Be Great: Article Reflection Geoffrey Colvin in the article “What It Takes to Be Great” shows that innate ‘talent’, no matter how much you have or don’t have, is completely irrelevant with achieving great success, studied in those who do reach greatness. Colvin supports his assertion by comparing those of who’ve reached success, their work ethics, and pointing out what they’ve done to reach where they are now. The author’s purpose is to show that to get to greatness and achieve success, you don’t need a single piece of “natural talent”, you just need lots of hard work and consistency so that readers will know what dedication it takes for them, so that they may know they have the ability, anyone can reach success. The author writes in a formal…show more content…
The secret?Painful and demanding practice and hard work” is appropriate because the article shows how people reach greatness and they go over what those successful idols have done to be great. The title is clear and appropriate, it makes the title clear how greatness is reached and the sub title clearly projects the key main idea too. I didn’t find many errors of fact, the article is more mostly based off studies and observations. There aren’t really any errors of interpretation other than that some interpretations may be difficult for other readers to understand but the interpretations in the article are very in-depth. Discussion in this article is relevant to the appropriate title and it goes over many points relevant, key connections to attaining success. The writer was not showing to be influenced by the opinions and their personal feelings and his point was to get across to readers that you don’t need natural talent, just consistent practice and hard work to be great. In his discussion, there wasn’t his opinions influencing the discussion and it was effective, to get the idea of hard work and deliberate

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