Personal Essay: The Summer Naked Challenge

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Please write an essay (250-650 words) on the topic selected. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. Public Decency Twenty four minutes prior to the end of my freshman year, my summer (and the subsequent summers to follow) would be changed forever. I spent the final period in physical education. Half of the class skirmished over a hybrid basketball-soccer game. Those whose apathy levels surpassed their athletic ability watched from the bleachers, chittering in excitement about upcoming summer plans. Among the chatter about Caribbean cruises, my friend Javy turned to me. Together the coffee shop connoisseur and I had survived advanced science class. At the time, this feat shared equivalence with climbing Mount Everest blindfolded.…show more content…
And so, it began. I easily racked up points by finding the juice at local supermarkets, and doing so upped my confidence level as well. Although screaming and photographing displays of overpriced bottles of sugar water lacked the shock value of public nudity, my zeal for "getting Naked" turned heads. Quickly learning to disregard the negativity of others, I embraced my passions wholeheartedly. Amassing the most points over a three month span, I was crowned the 2013 Summer Naked Challenge Champion. On the first day of sophomore year, I was promptly awarded a congratulatory shrug from Javy. Throughout the summer, the challenge had awakened a fierce spirit of intrepidity within me. The competition was revived for the 2014 summer. In June, I spent a week at an engineering/robotics camp and scoured the Ohio State campus for juice, accompanied by brilliant students from nearby towns. I found myself shrugging off the shyness that had plagued me during my second year of high school. With a bottle of peach smoothie in hand, I discovered my true interest in engineering. That fall, I began an internship at Northrop Grumman following another Naked Challenge 1st place

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