Summary Of Years Before Peace Like A River By Leif Enger

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Leif Enger had little down time to write Peace like A River while producing and reporting for Minnesota Public Radio. Years before Peace like a river was written, It is likely Enger developed his unique style of writing in his experience reporting, we have evidence of Enger’s skills in journalism within a fictional article titled “Ride Davy Ride” on page 102, “I’m happy in the current century. Put me in a Lincoln Continental or a turboprop leaving frozen St. Pail; give me Huntley-Brinkley at six o’clock; meet me at Met Stadium for a ball game on a summer night. I’m a modern creature, friend, and I like it that way.” The language makes you want to keep reading. Though fictional, this article alone could arguably win a few awards if it were published non fictionally. Enger is no stranger to wowing an audience with his language.…show more content…
Perhaps Peace Like a River could be Enger’s fantasy article, supporting arguments for his most passionate subjects, particularly religion, by using fiction as his evidence. He uses these same methods throughout the novel to get an audience’s attention. It took me a few tries to fully comprehend page 198, “It was a cup running over...Because don’t you think the old state police were ever more interested in us since we’d vanished from pursuit.” Enger’s style feels so original it could be separated into a new dialect of English. It feels almost as though Enger must keep to a specific word count, or is trying to impress the audience to keep them reading his

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