Summary Of Writing Down The Bones By Natalie Goldberg

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Isaac Asimov, known for I, robot, famously said: “I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die.” This is what Natalie Goldberg was saying in Writing Down the Bones, almost like we all have a deontological sense of writing. She loved to write, and felt as though she had many things to tell the world. Goldberg explained the secrets of becoming a writer in short stories that had many valuable lessons such as, loneliness, doubt, and asked the fundamental question, why we write. These stories are filled with countless tips on how to deal with these problems. As both a writer and a person, these stories helped me overcome some of these problems and I firmly believe they can help you too! The fact of the matter is that Asimov, Goldberg, and many other writers can agree on is just how much writing is a part of human nature as it is like walking, and anybody can do it, but with this comes…show more content…
Doubt is the underlining killer in all writers. In the short story, “Doubt is torture” a friend of hers, with a very doubtful tone, said how he aspired to make it in the music industry. He said he will try it, but if it doesn’t work, he’ll just accept that. Katagiri Roshi, responded with: “That’s what wrong, attitude. If they knock you down, you get back up, if they knock you down again, you get back up. No matter how many times they knock you down, get up again. That is how you should go” (117). Goldberg compared this story to write. She states getting published is the hardest thing, and with this, doubt will ensue, fear of judgement from the critics, or just the thought of failure may consume you, but Goldberg says you must overcome doubts for it will only hurt you. She says, “It is a constant test of perseverance” (117). I believe most, if not all writers have a bit of doubt, maybe more than others, it’s just human nature, but it’s how we deal with the tortuous doubt that you can find yourself and become free from

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