Nightingale Chair Case Study

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NIGHTINGALE CHAIR - WXO MID BACK ERGONOMIC TASK CHAIR WITH UPHOLSTERED SEAT; 5800-UFST Working in a comfortable position is important, so what you need is this Nightingale chair WXO mid back ergonomic task chair with upholstered seat. It provides a better support for your body, thus increasing the comfort you feel while sitting on this chair. It has a weave mesh back and sea, which offer great lumbar and thoracic support, whilst also allowing you to make dynamic back movement. This task chair features a balanced recline mechanism, which provides the necessary support for your weight. It has a pneumatic height adjustment, which has two position tilt lock.…show more content…
It helps you to maintain a healthy position of your body, by promoting a better posture. This chair is designed with an anti-burst exercise ball, which is covered with black vinyl that can easily be cleaned. When you sit on this seat, its inflated ball will lower, hence improving your posture and balance. It has four legs that ensure the chair’s stability. You can use this chair as a desk chair, in meeting or gathering areas, to benefit from a comfortable posture during your work. SOMA ERGONOMICS - SOMA BERKELEY SYNCHRO TASK CHAIR; BKE4M; CUSTOM COLORS You can now enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic chair, with this Soma Ergonomics Soma Berkeley Synchro task chair. It features a wide turtle shaped upper back, which promotes a better lumbar support. Graceful to its design and features, this chair improves pelvic…show more content…
It is designed with the latest technology and mechanisms, to allow you to benefit from a better posture of your body whilst sitting on this chair. Given its innovative design, this chair provides pressure relief and allows you to move freely. Its flat seat reduces side pressure on your legs and helps your muscles relax. Its backrest promotes a better alignment of your spine from lumbar to neck, thus reducing disk pressure and muscle tension. SOMA ERGONOMICS - SOMA MORE EX SYNCHRO ERGONOMIC TASK CHAIR; MNE4; CUSTOM COLORS Improve your posture while working in the office, with this Soma More EX Synchro ergonomic task chair. It has a modern design, which allows you to find a comfortable and relaxing posture. This chair is meant to enhance your comfort, productivity at work, and also your health, by preventing uncomfortable

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