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“Your Paradise” by Ch’ŏngjum Yi Reading Summary The chapters from p. 371 to p. 441 have one thing in common – a properly identified philosophical context. The author pays a certain attention to such concepts like betrayal (public and interpersonal), freedom, love, trust, doubts, and the desire to find answers to different questions. Yi focuses on Cho’s intentions to figure out how and when he should leave the island. Instead of trusting his own instincts and using his own experience, Cho starts gathering the opinions of such people like Sanguk and Elder Hwang. Though Cho believes his relations with these two people are the most successful on the island, he does not expect to get the answers he actually gets. Sanguk wants Cho leave the island as soon as possible without finishing the Oma project as its…show more content…
Elder Hwang supports Sanguk and does not provide Cho with hope to be supported. As a result of misunderstandings and inabilities to find a consensus, Sanguk escapes the island like it was done many times before Director Cho came to the island. Sanguk’s escape is a symbol of rebellion that is necessary for the island and destructive to Cho and Haewon-Miyon couple. In addition, Elder Hwang introduces a new idea of why the development of the island fails each time. The point is that the islanders think they are in need of freedom, but in fact, they are in need of love. The love, offered by Cho, was wrongly understood, this is why he had to leave the island, quit the statue, and forget all his good intentions. The island does not change in the next seven years as “the Oma reclamation project remained unfinished” (Yi 418) and “the directors were always changing” (Yi 419) demonstrating their inabilities to promote improvements. Finally, Cho’s return to the island as an ordinary worker is defined by the

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