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Luke Cygan Mr.Moser Brit Lit 12 April 21st 2014 Article Analysis Men and women who make teenage students with no experience to do their work they do not want to do. In the article by Sarah Stillman’s “The Throwaways” she writes about the police who convince young teens to either pick one choice by going to jail on what crime they commit or doing the polices job by working on cases. Teenagers chosen by police, were not trained at all and they were just regular people. In the article Stillman give us examples of multiple kids and they were all killed because they had no experience and didn’t know what to do. The article is about police officers using teenagers who they caught using drugs and threatening them by either sending them to jail or trying to convince them to help catch other drug users. As the teenagers aren’t trained at all they do not know what to do. They are going into the job blind. Stillman claims that police officers aren’t doing their job correctly because they are…show more content…
For example the teenage boy named Jeremy he was in his mid- twenties, who was experimenting with drugs. He began selling pills to people. It turned out that his friend was working for the police. Jeremy was threatened by the police by saying that he might end up in jail but the cops gave him a choice of going to jail or work for them to catch another seller. After he chose to work for the police, he helped police catch a dealer named Reagan and later Reagan called Jeremy’s mother saying that her son should watch out. After Jeremy told the police they told him not to worry. Later on Reagan came out of prison and then killed Jeremy. The police kept telling Jeremy and his family that he will be fine but in the end the police were wrong and he was

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