Summary Of The Arba Een Pilgrimage

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It is impossible to do that while his status which is lofty and sublime Has suffered at the hands of his enemies a horrific crime.” The narrations of Ahl al-Bayt have urged their followers to renew this pilgrimage walking on foot, with the aim of bringing themselves nearer to Allah. Among these narrations are the following: 1. The narration of Husain ibn Thuwair ibn Abu Fakhitah in which he said, “Abu Abdullah said, ‘O Husain, the one who comes out of his house to visit Husain (peace be upon him), for every step he walks on foot, Allah will reward him with hasanah (a good), and delete sayyi’a (an evil deed) from his record until, when he reaches ha’er (the location of Imam Husain’s grave), Allah will write his name among the successful.’”…show more content…
Hence the Arba’een Pilgrimage has emerged to represent the triumph of the sincere slogan over the sharpness of the unjust sword, and to create a spirit of harmony and adherence, because bringing people together to do one thing at one time motivated by belief will inevitably generate close ties and enhance social relationships between them, especially since the common factor among all is an act of worship aiming to obtain reward. This fully applies to the ceremony of the Arba’een Pilgrimage and the activities of the Husaini processions (mawakib). In addition, it is a sincere mission whose call rises to cover the pseudo drums of

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