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Constantino Ayala Eng-101 Response Prof. Vermaelen In a Letter To America by Margaret Atwood, it states her concerns about America. The pre-text indicates that she is a canadian which clears up confusion while reading the text. I agree with her interpretation of how America has evolved throughout her past “ fifty-five years.” Atwood writes about how she read “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comic books”, which shows America’s influence on canada since they are neighboring countries. Atwood enjoyed the american culture throughout the mid 1900s to late 1900s. The emergence of singers and actors in the United States were something that she enjoyed deeply. Listening to songs and watching films from America were special to her. Atwood believed in the past that America stood up for “ freedom ,honesty and justice.” I…show more content…
Atwoods mood changes during the text when she begins to write about how america has changed for the worst.She writes about, “ recent Iraqi adventures.” She believes it was an, “ill advised tactical error.” The reader can assume that atwood thinks that going to war with iraq make the United States look terrible as a whole. She mentions the nations debt and how the constitution principles are being destroyed. The fact that she mentions America’s current issues is really important. It gives the reader a greater sense of what is currently going on and why it is important. Atwood continues to write that if America continues to go down a wrong unjust path that, “ the world will stop admiring the good things about you.” I agree completely with Atwoods interpretation of how America has evolved in recent years. She reminds herself of the nostalgia as a child from disney cartoons from America. She liked how America was in the 1900s, when the world admired it for the right reasons. Atwoods lastly wants American citizens to stand up for the great country, to make it as admirable as it once was. The change that

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