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This paper is summarizes the article “Jealousy: A voice of Possessiveness Past,” by Nando Pelusi. This article is about the worldwide cliché, “the green-eyed monster,” which was a once a dragon named Othello. It is an ultimate example of jealousy, because, in the tale, Othello is feared to be the husband of a beautiful adulteress. The logic of Othello speaks to millions of men and women that suffer from jealousy with their partners. (Pelusi, 2006) When people feel a sense of sexual jealousy, they most likely are responding to the fear of being deserted by their partner. Actually, on a deeper scale, jealousy is sounding of a genetic alarm. The author of this article, Pelusi, believes that human bodies and minds came from many…show more content…
While in the past, status was a worldwide and sacred metric. Today, it is a central psychological role for humans. When people become jealous, it is most likely because they have a concern in the relationship. When it is destructive, it is typically triggered by lack of confidence. People who are desperate to preserve their relationship are more prone to have angry outbursts due to deep hurt and fury. Back when our ancestors had shorter life spans, they were more likely to demand a guarantee of absolute fidelity, because their options for mating were bleaker. Today, odds of longevity and productiveness are much healthier. Even so, humans still crave constant reassurance from their partner. People who constantly need reassurance of fidelity and faithfulness will eventually drive their partner away into the arms of another person. From the story of Othello, “harmful jealousy springs from a weak sense of self.” (Pelusi, 2006) Pelusi believes that the key to dealing with jealousy appropriately is to realize that guaranteed fidelity is not attainable. In other words, no absolute certainty of eternal commitment can be truly granted. Jealousy operates widely below the scale of conscious awareness. It functions as a demand for chronic reassurance that a person will always be the most important being in their

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