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Explaining the Experience Machine Complex, yet remarkably unique, Robert Nozick’s experience machine raises some interesting questions about what really matters to humans when it comes to being happy. Tapping into the readers inner layer of what really matters most, Nozick forces us to confront his argument head on. Throughout this paper, I will confront this argument and I will explain Robert Nozick’s experience machine (in my own words), identify what he is asking the reader, identify why he is asking what he is asking, and provide Nozick’s answers to these questions. However, most importantly, I will explain whether or not Nozick’s explanation throughout his article has convinced me that he was correct in regards to why I should not plug in to the experience machine. Explanation of the experience machine:…show more content…
In addition, it is also simulated to their liking. Whether they want to be a teacher, throw the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, or hit a walk-off homerun in Game 7 of the World Series: all of this can be simulated if you wish to plug into the machine. In an additional attempt to make this as clear as possible for the reader (That would be you, Dr. Birsch), the experience machine is like the perfect storm. Everything is the way you have always dreamt that it would be—maybe even better—but that is for you to decide. You can pick and choose your experiences as well, and sit back in the tube watch your dreams come

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