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In the article by Robert Nozick, The Experience Machine, he touches on the topic of what matters for people in terms of experiences. He uses the example of a “experience machine”, this machine has the capability to give you a virtual “experience” for 2 years. Within the “experience machine”, we would be able to achieve many things and pick experience that we currently would want to achieve like being a superstar or a star athlete, all while we believe that it is really happening to us without us being aware of being within the machine. After the 2 years, we can choose another experience that we will live our after a brief moment when we are outside the machine. One question that he proposes to us is if we would plug into such a machine, I believe…show more content…
But the way that he described his machine where he would actually said that we would believe that we are really experiencing that reality, I believe that if the machine really did fool to believe that reality I highly doubt we would be care that we didn’t actually experience it. My reason to believe that we would not care is because when Nozick stated that we would not realize that we were in the machine, and if this machine was able to be created what would stop us to think that we are not currently within the machine right at this current moment? That opens up the idea that we don’t really know what true experience is if we are currently being deceived so it would be hard to really have a solid opinion on whether we truly matters to us. Nozick also uses the example of religion where we merge to a higher reality, which gives further evidence/example of us being in an experience machine and going back to a “true reality” after our current lives. With this example of us currently being with an “experience machine”, Nozick second reason he gives is that we would want to be a certain way or be a certain type of

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