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The students of the Carl Hayden’s team face numerous obstacles individually and collectively. The obstacles that the Carl Hayden's team faced as a group were that they didn't have enough money, they didn't have as much resources to build a better robot, and lastly the main hurdle was, they all had, was that all the teenagers on the team were undocumented Mexicans. One of the characters known as Oscar Vasquez faces another major misfortune. He can't join a program because he has no paper and he is undocumented. In this paragraph the author illustrates the whole team had a difficulty, “The four teenagers who built it, are all undocumented Mexican immigrants who came to this country through tunnels or in the backseat of cars.” “They live in…show more content…
Since the teens didn’t have legal documents the difficulty became harder and harder. It also affects the team in other way not only the way that they can’t do things, but also can’t have things. Another major struggle is the money. Since the parents didn’t have papers themselves they don’t have good jobs causing their children to also not have money. The team had to learn how to find a way to make money. It would be bizarre for them to have a good and decent robot with little and cheap resources. All of these interferences draw down to the major obstacle which was simply they were all undocumented. Oscar Vasquez's obstacle is shown when the author wrote, "His parents had brought him to the US from Mexico without proper immigration papers-he couldn't join, wouldn't get any scholarships, and had to start figuring out what else to do with his life.Oscar’s opportunities closed down because he had come illegally. When he attended a meeting for some scholarships they closed down his dream and told him no. Why? For the simple reason he didn’t have papers. That made it difficult for him he was put labels because of a simple thing he didn’t have. Those simple papers made him a different and an even less person that did have papers. He wouldn’t

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