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Seichi Oh Mr. Taylor HS2 Returnee Reading Oct 17, 2014 “Where shall we see a better daughter, or a kinder sister, or a truer friend?” (32) Is this an accurate description of the character of Emma in Volume One of Jane Austen’s Emma? Support your opinion with evidence from the text. In Jane Austen’s Emma, the character Emma is depicted as an independent and opinionated woman. Nearly 21 years old, she has lived all her life with her father at Hartfield, one of the biggest estates at Highbury. Mrs.Weston, as someone who has watched Emma grow up, speaks the truth when she said that Emma is a good daughter, a kind sister, and a true friend. While one could argue that many of Emma may be rather immature and her decisions guided by childish fantasies. she has always done (or what she believed to be) the best for the people she cared for. There are many examples of the closeness of Emma and her father, Mr.Woodhouse.…show more content…
Among those are Mrs. Weston, her former governess, and Mr. Knightley, her brother in law. Emma has grown up with Mrs. Weston and their relationship has blossomed beyond what one would expect from two people in their situation. The “mildness of [Mrs. Weston’s] temper had hardly allowed her to impose any restraint,” (5) and they developed an sisterly attachment toward each other. Since they are so close, the absence of Mrs. Weston would be understandably hard on Emma. However, instead of dissuading Mrs. Weston from marrying, Emma went so far as encouraged the union because it will bring Mrs. Weston happiness. This shows, as is in the case with her father, that Emma is more than willing to surrender some of her own happiness for that of others. Emma’s relationship with Mr. Knightley is also very honest and sincere. While she often disagrees with her brother in law, their argument is never in bad taste and they always admits to their mistakes after they are proven

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