Summary Of Darkroom: A Memoir In Black & White

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In Darkroom: A Memoir In Black & White it’s all about the author’s personal things, childhood, courage, and race are described by the author Lila Quintero Weaver. As a background of the story is when Lila was five years they moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Marion, Alabama in 1961. They were legal though. Lila was her dad’s favorite daughter than the other four. His dad was a teacher in local colleges. The story takes a lot of turns and their life was going so far so good. Lila had to fight with a lot of circumstances like learning the country’s language and the nation’s race relations, but the thing is they passed through from it very briefly with a lot of courage because she needs to find her place in her society from discrimination of races. In the images showing the news of his death and…show more content…
There is one of the image about Jimmie Lee Jackson who is dead at 26. On February 19, civil war turned a new page. In other words, it was a horrible and bloody night. On that night Jimmie Jackson hustled his mother and grandfather toward safety. He was just trying to save his grandparents from troopers but once they entered in a café, the troopers shot the café house. Weaver described the story step by step in order so plot is very progressive. This all happened on a dark night so as a symbolism the images are in black and white. The author doesn’t mention about if his grandparents are dead or alive. But after they went in the café one image described that Jimmie lost his fight and the world lost him forever. Weaver shows in a newspaper clipping that, “Jackson who also had a two inch gash on his head and bruises on his back, told hospital attendants that he was beaten by a trooper” (173). He was taken to a hospital in Selma for treatment of the gunshot but he was injured so badly by the shooter, that’s why he couldn’t save his

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