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Anderson also uses music effectively. Often, the song lyrics match what is happening in the scene. In both The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson’s use of soundtrack enhances the films and their emotional impact. In The Royal Tenenbaums, the scene where Richie cuts his wrists and attempt suicide is scored to Elliott Smith’s “Needle in the Hay”. The song is played using an accoustic guitar, with Elliott Smith’s haunting voice . It makes the scene tragically beautiful and adds to the drama and emotions of the scene. The song seemingly resonates in the empty bathroom, amplifying the tragedy and despair of the scene. It is hushed and stripped back, as if it is baring Richie’s soul to the audience. It is as if we are hearing Richie’s despair. The guitar is choppy, with a rawness in it…show more content…
The gentle, poignant song is used to give the scene a sense of melancholy. Through Anderson’s use of “Needle In The Hay”, the scene becomes unsettling and shocking to the audience, because the distrubingly honest song heightens the audience’s sadness for Richie. This allows the audience to fear for Richie and empathise with him, as the song is hauntingly depressing, plaintive and heartbreaking. The song fills up the scene, it is a significant aspect. In the scene, Richie says “I am going to kill myself tomorrow,” over the song, the only dialogue heard throughout the scene. This line is shocking to the audience as it reveals what the audience fears – Richie attempting suicide. In true Wes Anderson style, the lyrics matches what is happening in the scene. With the heaviness the single dialogue, the song fits in perfectly. The lyrics in “Needle In The Hay”emphasises the idea of self harm and suicide which Anderson

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