Banjo Assembly Research Paper

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Banjo Assembly Banjo assembly is a long and tedious process! It takes lots of time, skill, and patience. The main parts of the banjo are the pot, neck, and the strings. Every piece, which has to be crafted precisely, needs to be set up and properly assembled right, or nothing will be in adjustment for playing purposes. Therefore, banjo assembly is not an easy process! The pot of the banjo is probably the most important thing to “set up.” First, the tone ring, which is a big O ring with small holes that produces the sound and really projects it, is fastened to the rim, which is a piece of wood like a thick and hollowed out cylinder, which then goes against the head, the outer covering…show more content…
The neck is fastened to the pot using two 3/16” threaded rods. The headstock, which is the top of the neck sloped back to hold keys/tuners and strings, is held and shaped at a 6o angle, to keep the strings the right height away from the neck. The keys or tuners, whichever you prefer, is then run through the small holes on the headstock which are already been drilled! The keys/tuners are tightened by a small nut on the top of each one. They too thought should only be tightened just enough that they are snug and will not move at all, besides the tuning process its self, although they are many different keys and tuners for you to choose from, it's just your choice in what you prefer. You then have to add the 5th string key, which is not located at the top of the headstock, it is located at almost middle ways of the neck on the top side. It too is fastened the same way through a small hole and tightened snug against the neck. Next too install, is the nut of the banjo! The nut of a banjo is what holds the strings in line and up off the neck at the top of the neck, next to the headstock. It is installed by lining the nut on along with the neck using hide glue, so it doesn’t harm the wood! It is indicated where to put the nut on the neck by a small “ditch slot” in the top of the

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