How To Prevent The Ming Dynasty

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Christopher Deion Smith 900751868 History 1112K Keywords Report #1 Ming Dynasty The Ming Dynasty was a 14th century Chinese civilization that has its beginnings at the fall of the Mongol Empire. In the late years of the Yuan Dynasty an uprising occurred with the peasants rebelling against the Mongols. During the battles with the Mongols a man from a peasant family, Zhu Yuanzhang joined the army and during his time in the army he distinguished himself from his peers and was chosen as general by a rebelling warlord. Following the death of the warlord Zhu took his place and continued the rebellion in order to take control of China. After taking control from the warlord Zhu took the army into the city of Jiankang (modern day Nanjing) and conquered it in 1356, after taking the city a military base was established and it was renamed Yingtian. In the 12 years that followed, Zhu and his forces continued the battle against the Yuan Dynasty until finally defeating them in the year 1367. After the…show more content…
These policies consisted of reducing the burden placed and making the entire society more productive, the most important of these polices were the steps put into place to prevent the Ming dynasty from being plagued with the same corruption that plagued its predecessor. After 4 years of rule Zhu Yuanshang died and was succeeded by his grandson Zhu Yunwen until he was overthrown during a coup led by Zhu Di who was the fourth son of Zhu Yuanzhang. Di would go on to become the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty and under his rule the Dynasty experienced what’s considered its most prosperous times, during which Di sailed the Ming’s fleets across the Indian Ocean and further expanding the influence of the Dynasty, began construction of the Imperial Palace and moved the capital from Yingtian to Beijing in

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