Summary: Did Anybody Ever Escape Alcatraz?

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Introduction In this personal project I am going to described information about "Did anybody ever escape Alcatraz?" Here, I included three subtopics to answer the question: - Military Prison - Alcatraz Most Notorious Criminals - Average prisoners stay in Alcatraz Alcatraz was a jail were the most dangerous prisoners lived, located in San Francisco, composed of little buildings inside the place, and with capacity of 450 prisoners. This place is known for the famous security system they used. At the beginning, at the moment to start this essay I already had acknowledge about this topic, I know the location, details about the place, and how important is for the United States. But for getting complete my project I needed to investigate more depth this topic, at the moment of writing I got…show more content…
Machine Gun Kelly: An American bootlegger, bank robber and kidnapper who made headlines in the 1930s. He was sentenced to life in prison along with wife Kathryn Kelly in 1933. Average prisoners stay in Alcatraz About eight years. Men were never sentenced directly to Alcatraz, but they had to earn their way to the island through bad behavior at another federal institution. Alcatraz was sometimes called "the prison within the prison system." Good behavior could earn a convict a transfer to another federal institution, but almost never a direct release from prison. Only two men were released directly from Alcatraz to their freedom. Prisoners were allowed to one visit each month and the visit had to be approved directly by the Warden. Prisoners were not allowed to discuss actual events or anything of their life in prison. No physical contact was allowed. They talked with visitors via intercom and a correctional officer was supposed to monitor the

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