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The human condition is the ongoing balance between ambivalence, good and evil inside people and their environment. This balance and struggle between the three areas affect personal, emotional, spiritual and mental growth. Humans are somehow a balance between aggression, selfishness and lust mixed with compassion, love, trust and hope. Some of these characteristics include faith, birth, growth, peace, friendship, anger, corruption, hate, greed, pain, conflict, love and fear. This equilibrium allows for human experiences like pain and conflict to slip into both good and bad categories. No one is inherently good nor is anyone inherently evil. The way that people respond to their environments effects their human condition and leads them to view…show more content…
Not only that, but it is both good and evil. This neutrality of good and evil leads to ambivalence of the human condition. The human condition illustrates how good and evil finds a balance and can impact people’s lives in so many ways. Cornel West’s “The Examined Life”, Buddha’s “Thirst” from the Dhammapada, and Victor Frankl’s “The Case of a Tragic Optimism” all illustrate the pain, growth, courage, lust and temptations that humanity faces. . Throughout humanity, we see the ability to grow over time. Frankl stated that “Since Auschwitz we know what men are capable of. And since Hiroshima we know what is at stake”(). Because of Auschwitz, society has learned about how evil people can become yet it illustrated the beauty of human compassion, love and trust. Because of Auschwitz, families were torn apart and destroyed yet “new families” were forged and created out of survival. Survivors were tortured and starved yet they would give their last meal to a child. The harshness and brutality forged something beautiful. Humanity has struggled to find a balance between love and hate. No one is born evil or good. No one is born with hate. The human condition is finding the balance between good, evil and all of the grey area in

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