Biodiversity In Agriculture

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Base on the study of Chivian, E. (2002) Biodiversity plays very important role in human nutrition through its influence on world food production. All of the plants products that operated by human either directly or indirectly, were came originally from wild ancestors. And also those animals that domesticated by human. Domesticated animals and plants were selected and bred for their desirable traits, but because of the environmental circumstances and those stress change, as the requirements and preference of humans change, and also as the domesticated organism themselves weak when it comes in diseases and pest, the need is to be arises to bred new varieties. Traditionally those agricultural breeding of plants and animals has been done with a…show more content…
And there is more numerous and varied than insects and that is microbial species that can be found in plants and animals and are especially in the soil. Microbial is important in helping and protecting the animals and plants against pest, as well as serves to decomposed residues including pathogens and toxic agents and transform them into nutrients for the continual re-generation of life. In any ways either visible or invisible biodiversity is important in agriculture. Hence of decreasing of that diversity endangers agriculture just as it endangers all the process of life in this world, which is inherently independent. Not only in agriculture is biodiversity is important. Biological diversity is also important when it comes to marine and fresh food resources, because biological diversity provides raw material for the marine food chain and seafood production. It also influences the capacity and the availability of marine ecosystem to perform other environmental services. They harvested marine seafood species with exceeding number of 100 million tons per year and provide about 6% of all protein and 17% of animal protein consumed by…show more content…
biodiversity is a fragile thing, vulnerable to all threats that might happen. Even though biodiversity supports and provides all things that all the life on earth needed, we cannot control those problems that might happen in just a snap. Right now biodiversity was facing a huge problem and threats and those threats are comes from many sources some sources is from us, humans and some are natural. And based on Malhotra N. the real problem that we are facing was the conservation of biodiversity. yes everyone agrees in conserving natural resources or our biodiversity was a good idea. Many group, such as government agencies to agro business every one is a concerned individuals and has their own ideas about conserving biodiversity, groups have their own agenda to pursue but the main goal is to stop the threats in our biodiversity. Part of the problem in conservation of biodiversity is that conservation of biodiversity is quite costly. We are just in the beginning of developing the technologies that is needed to preserve biological diversity hotspots. They are trying to restore an area to its original state but it is not only costly, it is often impossible. Farther, no one solution fits all hotspots. There are many groups and interest, and also high cost, but the clear thing was the conservation of biodiversity is a very serious and complicated matter. Yet if this problem will not resolve during our lifetime, those problems that we leave are descendants

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