Summary: Adopting The Creator Mindset

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Adopting the Creator Mindset You have to ask yourself if you think as a Victim or you want to be a Creator. If you think like a Victim you will not reach your goals. If you want to become a creator you will achieve your goals; therefore we should find a solution to overcome obstacles and be a Creator, because success comes with knowing and identifying yourself to be either a Victim or a Creator. A Victim is the one who can’t feel he controls what happens and he will do nothing about it. While a Creator feels he can control what happens and resolves to achieve it. In Merman’s article the author talks about two different students. One who chose to be a Victim by finding excuses and blaming it on others. “It wasn’t my fault, it was the bookstore’s fault” (Mirman’s Article). The other student chose to be a Creator by overcoming the obstacles and trying multiple ways till he reached his goal. He didn’t ask “Whose…show more content…
Back in 2003 during the Operation Iraqi Freedom I went to Baghdad to work for a friend of mine. At that time there were no internet and no international calls. The Iraqi regime didn’t allow any contact with the outside world. After the fall of the regime my friend had that idea to bring an internet system. The idea was like an economy revolution. There were many American troops whom were stuck in Iraq without being able to contact their families. My friend opened an internet café and many US soldiers started to show up, but it was unsafe for them and for us too to come to our location. My friend had another creative idea. He decided to open those internet café inside the Army Bases which is full of soldiers and safer of course. His business grew bigger so rapidly. The soldiers were willing to pay any amount of money so they just can get in touch with their families as they didn’t have any other ways to contact them. Only one year later he became so rich that he couldn’t count how much money he

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