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Introduction The Sumerians and their lifestyle were a very interesting and productive society, and many of their inventions and ideals are still relevant or still used to some extent to this very day. The contributions that they made have had enormous impacts on modern society. There is evidence all around us in our everyday lives that Sumerian culture has impacted us in one way or another. Whether it be math, science, and the very first forms of writing. This research focuses on Sumerian religion and mythology. Many of the ideas that the people of Mesopotamia had relate to religion, ethics, and politics. This research is important because religion during their era, along with control of the fertile land in that region, were primary causes for war and violence. Religious wars still go on there in the same regions to this very…show more content…
With that, they believed that the gods and goddesses were not on an equal ranking and each had their own individual power or responsibility. In the religious views of the Sumerians, the gods and goddesses were not able to be seen by mortal eyes, had superhuman powers, and they controlled and supervised everything in the universe. Many of these were thought by the Sumerians to be responsible for many good things that happened to their people as well as natural disasters, famine and hard times as punishment from the gods and goddesses. Sumerian gods and goddesses Some of the gods they worshipped included the air god, Enlil; the moon god, Nanna-Sin; and the sun god, Utu. There was a god for many different things and they typically prayed to their sun god, who in most Sumerian religion was the most important. Usually only the kings or people in power could ever have a major part of religion, and most power was selected by traditional means, and thus created a social ranking system that can still apply to society today. Sumerian Religious

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