Arguments Against Structural Functionalism

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Structural functionalism is the one I favour the most, because it sees society as a complex system, or organism with various parts of the system working together to achieve stability, maintain functionality, solidarity and production. It encourages community living, family ties and shared values. Structural functionality, argues that in a society some people will be better off economically than others depending on the role economically. However as long as those who are worse economically can contribute their role in the society, the society should to produce stability. It also argues that the state of disease is not an individuals fault, it also exempts the individual from usual responsibility and task, until the individual is medically fit to…show more content…
However if diseases such as cancer affects the rich and poor, the rich is more likely to get better 3 times more than the person from a low income and deprived society. They would argue that people in deprived areas do not have access to enough healthcare package, compared to the Rich, hence the difference in survival rate. It will also argue that the deprived areas lacked sufficient education on how to manage their health safely. Finally they would argue that society has a responsibility to treat and prevent disease. Structural functionalist will argue that the disease is not the individuals fault, and that irrespective of their economically status in the society that they are not responsible for their condition. but they would also argue that some of the cancers like lung cancers are blamed on the people ,because they would be seen as letting the society down be cause of smoking which is primary cause of lung cancer. They will argue becoming ill is failing ones responsibilities towards the society and that people from a deprived society can become a drain on the

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