Ohio Dunbar Sympathy

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Sympathy this world is the signification of pity and sorrow for a person’s misfortune being empowered by compassion. In Paul Laurence’s poem titled sympathy he is referring to the enslavement and segregation. Coming from a time where African American didn’t have rights and were being enforced from this separation of different racial groups, communities, class, establishments in the country or by other discrimination means. Sympathy is in a sense the word that could describe this era in the poem. As a great African-American poet, Dunbar rose to acclaim from a family of freed slaves in the State of Kentucky. Born on the 27th of June, 1872 in Dayton, Ohio Dunbar, had this flair for poetry…show more content…
With a background and a time that was non-racially tolerant for most, the caged bird is signing for its freedom. Even drew his parents’ experiences to construct the poem. The bird peeking outside its cage looking at the beautiful landscape with the sun shining bright, flapping its wings against the bars till it bled. Looking on how beautiful the outside world is away from this cage but can’t seem to get it no matter what. Being free could be a state of mind no matter what you do it could scars you just like the bird’s old scars suggesting it has been done so many times but can’t seem to be getting out. Even when he is free there’s still this sensation and physiological mental issues that were invading his life and trying to keep him with this enslavement mentality where is trying his bests to escape it but can’t where in one had they weren’t as free since they didn’t have as much rights with the Jim Crow laws. As an old saying in my home country “it’s like washing the dirt off your hands and went right back playing with it” A repetition that comes in different forms. Along the way he stated “I know why the caged bird sings”. As time goes by the pain is getting worse “and a pain throbs in…show more content…
The poor animal is trapped without its consent but cannot achieve their goals of freedom. There’s a connection with nature and freedom a passion and love that is manifesting in both poems. And a pain both birds are going through in their song of freedom. The only difference is in the “Caged Bird” there’s a compassion going on between the caged bird and the free bird. The sensations on how they go about their paths in a way to show the caged bird is seeking for, but cannot have. In sympathy the bird’s feelings of being caged is rather more of a taste of enjoying or knowing what freedom would be like if were to have it. The title as I mentioned before said it all it is the sympathize with the agony , enslavement of this bird that seems to be full of life to live but is

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